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Authentically your adventure

FLY fishing instruction and mountain bike coachING

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As You Are. 

At YOUR Pace.


Authentically your adventure.

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There’s something in you that is calling out for an adventure. Something that wants to experience the essence of nature — the wind at your back, the river at your feet, the satisfaction of pedaling through single-track or seeing a trout in your net. 


But there’s another part of you that might feel afraid, unequipped, anxious or untrained. 

Wherever you are. Whatever you’re experiencing, I will meet you where you are. Whether it’s showing you the thrills of climbing a mountain on two wheels, the sense of flow and oneness on the river, you will discover pieces of yourself throughout the adventure.


You are courageous and capable.




Your next adventure begins here.

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The spark is in you.

Maybe you’ve had a similar experience of being shown “a few pointers” by an impatient teacher in your life. You felt the spark but you weren’t taught at your pace. You weren’t met at your level. You felt insecure, inadequate, unprepared. Well, now you’ve got me. I’m here to nurture your spark and share with you the feeling of belonging, contentment and openness that can be found in nature. And I want to work with you AS YOU ARE.


Your journey begins here


I know what it’s like to be misguided on a mountain bike trail or left to your own devices on the river. One moment you’re ready for adventure, the next you’re tumbling, toppling, struggling with no support. I will ALWAYS ensure you feel supported. This is your journey. I’m here for you as a mentor, coach and safety net. You may be nervous. You may be challenged. You may have to ask for help. But you will always be listened to and taken care of.  


At the risk of being vulnerable, we find out what’s been inside us all along — the courage to experience ourselves. When facing the discomfort of putting yourself out there, you see your true strength and confidence. And through embarking on new outdoor adventures, you get to see yourself in a fresh light. AURA Expeditions is about taking

a journey both outside and in. You will climb mountains. You will cross rivers. And you will experience yourself without walls. It doesn’t get more courageous than putting yourself out there to try.


Be open, be willing and be yourself.


That is all you need.


Adventure awaits you. 

“Fly fishing has been something I’ve always wanted to learn, but I didn’t have the equipment or know where to begin with knots, bugs, or what river system was best – very overwhelming. Meegan was the perfect coach I could ask for.  She was able to provide me everything I needed for my first trip. Her calm demeanor, patience, and fun attitude truly made it a top ten day for me.”

-ashley A, lincoln, NE

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