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I see you.

I understand you.

pine branches
pine branches

I’ve been in your shoes - I know the uneasy, hesitant feeling of being 'out of your comfort zone' when it comes to trying new activities. My first experience on a mountain bike, back in 2000, was terrifying. A boyfriend took me and my brand new bike for a first ride on a trail that was way too advanced. It made me wonder if outdoor adventure was all just fear and punishment. I clearly did not have a coach who had the patience to teach me the skills I would need to enjoy the ride.


But there was also a spark that ignited inside me on that first ride. I realized the fuel I was searching for was experiencing myself in nature, with my heart pumping, adrenaline soaring and spirits climbing.

The journey of my “ why”

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I started AURA Expeditions because what I learn about myself in nature cannot be replicated anywhere else. It’s where I come to discover my relationship to myself and connect to my purpose - my desire to know and love myself. Combine this feeling with pedaling on single-track trails or standing on the rocks of a riverbank and it’s pure joy. There’s a confidence that comes from climbing that steep hill, a thrill that surges when a trout snatches my fly. When I push myself out of my comfort zone, I feel free, open, and invigorated to be discovering something new about myself. When I choose to not let the limiting stories in my mind keep me small, I am more deeply connected to my authentic self.


It’s within your reach — allow me to guide you to discover how to fill your cup.


It's my calling to guide you on an adventure in nature.


With 14+ years of classroom teaching and coaching experience, I know what it takes to communicate and instruct. Over 20 years ago I started mountain biking and I picked up my first fly rod in college. With a Wilderness First Aid certification and a lifetime in the outdoors, I am the coach who will keep you safe, teach you the foundations and skills of mountain biking and fly fishing, and commit to keeping it FUN. What are you waiting for?


“Without knowing anything about fly fishing, we started with the basics - from learning how to put together a rod, various types of flies, and tips and tricks for better casting. Meegan’s background as a teacher was evident throughout the day as she was both patient and encouraging while I was learning. It was an exciting day in the canyon as we enjoyed catching browns and rainbows. 


I would highly recommend anyone interested in learning how to fly fish to spend a day with Meegan. Beyond being a great teacher, she is just fun to hang out with and talk to.”

-Kendall e., Denver, co

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Whatever you are doing, love yourself for doing it. Whatever you are feeling, love yourself for feeling it.  

- Thaddeus Golas

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