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What is your COVID policy?

Being outside in nature is a healthy and restorative treatment to the pandemic despondency many of us have been feeling. Adventure in the natural world allows us the opportunity to adhere to social distancing protocols, while still enjoying and learning new outdoor skills. If prior to our session you are not feeling well or experiencing any symptoms, I will reschedule your session.


Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes, please read and sign the AURA Expeditions Statement of Acknowledgment of Risk form. An electronic signature is acceptable. 


Do you offer discounts? Multi-session packages? 

Yes! Please contact Meegan at to discuss purchasing multiple sessions at a discounted rate. 


What should my fitness level be for fly fishing or mountain biking?

Fly fishing can involve walking or wading over rocks and boulders, riverbanks, and sand (plus some bushwacking too!) and in and out of currents that may be swift at times. If your current fitness level allows you to go hiking at an easy pace, then you’ll do great! 


Mountain biking will require you to have a fitness level (to begin with) that is comparable to light jogging. When you spend solid amounts of time riding, your fitness level will naturally improve as your body adjusts to the physical exertion of pedaling. And never doubt that hiking with your bike still helps you reach your goal! Check out this Fitness Rating to learn more. 


What food and drinks are provided?

I will provide light snacks and bottled water for sessions longer than 4 hours. Please be sure you’ve filled out the Client Questionnaire so that I am aware of any food allergies you may have. 


What seasons do you operate?

The beauty of living in Colorado is the amazing sunshine we get most of the year! As long as the trails are dry, we can bike! As long as the rivers aren’t iced over, we can fish! (I always check the forecast and will coordinate an alternate day for your session in the case of inclement weather).

How often do you check your gear (tune bikes, clean waders, replace lines, etc)?

Before and after EVERY. SINGLE. TRIP. My job is to make sure the gear you’ll be using is in excellent shape for you to have an amazing experience. With properly maintained gear, it becomes one less thing to worry about. I always have back up gear too - something I never leave home without. 


What safety precautions does AE take to keep me safe during a session?

My goal is always to make sure you are safely experiencing any activity. I am CPR and Wilderness First Aid certified. I always bring a comprehensive first aid kit(s), appropriate for the activities. I will teach you about and regularly remind you to consider the following:

  1. Heatstroke and dehydration can easily ruin your experience. I encourage you and will remind you to drink plenty of water, to eat snacks throughout the session if needed, and to wear hats and sunscreen to minimize sun exposure. 

  2. You may also experience inclement weather events either on the river or on the bike. For this reason, it’s required that you bring sufficient warm, synthetic, or wool clothing and waterproof rain layers.

  3. For all-mountain bike coaching sessions, we may go over rough, uneven terrain; roots, rocks and sand are inherent to biking. You must respect the power of gravity and always wear a helmet and gloves while riding. Knee and elbow pads are optional but strongly encouraged.

What is your cancelation policy?

Life happens and sometimes we need to cancel or reschedule, it’s ok! My cancelation policy is outlined here: Terms, Conditions, and Cancelation Policy

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